Yet another link shortener.

but this one has "pizza" in it.



URLPIZZA is another link shortener. We provide a quick & simple experience for creating shorter links. Making an account is completely optional, but it does allow you to make custom URLPIZZA links, view clicks, edit, and delete your links.

If you’re the type of person who likes doing things programmatically, URLPIZZA does have an extremely simple API, which we’re working on making more and more useful.
To use it, simply curl<your_link> and the shortlink will be returned, making an account will give you an API key to extend this functionality.


Q: Does this website track who clicks?
A: No, we track the amount of clicks, but not who clicked.

Q: What technologies does URLPIZZA run on?
A: Dockerized Django running alongside a dockerized MySQL instance routed by Traefik.

Q: Is URLPIZZA pro or anti pineapple?
A: Pineapple on pizza is amazing and if you don't like it, you're not allowed to use this website. /s

Q: Is for sale?
A: No.

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